Pest Killer

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PESTKILLER is one of the most reputable pest control companies in UAE. The company takes pride in offering amazing customer service. Our aim is to retain amazingly satisfied customers. Choosing us is a wise decision as we provide precise and effective services at the most affordable rates.

PESTKILLER is known for its quick, effective and flexible services. Our technicians will arrive at your place within few hours of contact. Conversely, we have multiple pest control plans that our client can choose from All our methods and strategies are environmentally safe and scientifically proven to be effective. Most substances used for pest control are naturally formulated hence safe for pets, human and the environment but tough on pests


We provide six-month guarantee (terms and condition are applied) depending on the service plan selected

We offer highly effective and customized pest control solutions at affordable prices

We are licensed by local and international bodies to give excellent and safe pest control services. All our experts are certified and they receive special professional training for amazing customer experience

We offer integrated pest management services (IPM). This is a proactive approach to pest management which involves eliminating pest in such a way to prevent future pest infestation


Homes Services

PestKiller provides pest control services for homeowners and renters across the United Arab Emirates. From the smallest home to the largest residences including palaces. We will use appropriate and best pest control practices or methods that suit your home or establishment as per our inspection. Our staffs are qualified and well trained in dealing professionally with the clients.


Business Services

We offer pest control plans that would make your company pest-free at reasonable prices. We understand how disturbing pests can be at a place of work and we ensure that we clear the infestation without causing any interruption to your work. Additionally, we are the pioneer company for bird control in UAE.


Industrial Services

Industrial Pest Management is the most complex management program for most pest control companies. PestKiller is one of the very few pest management companies with the experience and knowledge of how to solve pest control problems in factories, airports, warehouses e.t.c. We have solved different pest problems in industries thereby putting the company in excellent position to earn a higher degree of scrutiny.


Customizable Services

Having served clients for several years and after giving them the best pest control in UAE, we have earned the loyalty of our clients.  To keep up with this image, we see to it that our treatment and procedures are customer friendly and can be customized as per their requirements. The wealth of knowledge and experience that we have gained over time allows us to devise the best suited plans according to the type of pests and the level of infestation.


We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals who are well aware of the latest procedures to remove pests safely and in the most humane way possible.