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Termites are nasty little creatures that cause irreversible harm to you and your belongings. They are the most destructive pest in the world. They feed on wood chips and cellulose of wood. They are so small in size that you may not even come to know that they reside in your homes. Your wooden bookshelves, furniture tables, and other such things entice the termites to dwell in your houses. The moisture and warmth of your house help the termites to thrive. To get rid of them, you should procure the termite control services.

Why worry about termites?

Termites are secretive creatures that can enter your house without even notifying you. They are also known as white ants. You should worry about termites because they cause huge damage and destruction to your property and your belongings. They not only feign harm to your health but can also finish your lavish furniture in just a few days. Once they inhabit your house and you ignore them, they cause endless loss. In order to remove them from your house, you should procure the services of a termite control company.

Procure the effectual services of Alva Hygiene.

Pest Killer provides the pest control and best termite control services. They aim at satisfying their customers rather than earning profits. Their competent and skilled team of professionals have years of experience. Procuring their services would not even drain your budgets and will not financially pressurize you. Their effectual services make sure that no termite dwells with you in your houses. You cannot get rid of these termites by the DIY experiments and methods. These methods are only a waste of time and do not fetch the required results. The chemicals used in this process may even harm you and your health. Thus, we provide productive services while you can continue your work at your homes.

Subterranean Termites


These usually live underground, close to the foundations of your residence or commercial establishment. They require some level of moisture and any improper drainage from an air-conditioner or sprinkler creates a conducive environment for them to thrive. They typically feed on wood. This is why wooden structures close to the ground are at the greatest risk of attracting termites.

Dry Wood Termites


These on the other hand nest directly within the wood and do not require moisture, unlike most termite species. Since they nest with their food, the most obvious sign of a dry wood termite infestation is the accumulation of their feces around an infested structure.

Dampwood Termites


These are larger than most of their species and prefer a diet of damp wood. They thrive in moist, decaying environments and dehydration causes their numbers to decline. Because of their need for excessive moisture, this variant does not usually attack dry wooden structures because of the low moisture content in them. However, since they attack dry wood that is adjacent or near damp, decaying wood, care must be taken to avoid attracting damp wood termites to a structure.

Some of the signs of infestation are – 

  • Thin Mud pipes or tunnels connecting the ground to your house or shed
  • Traces of dust around furniture or wooden doorways
  • Hollowed out wood
  • Termite droppings and wings

Contrary to what some people believe, termites cannot eat through Concrete. However, the thinnest of cracks or gaps can create an entryway. Scorching heat and direct sunlight are natural termite killers.

It is important to both actively prevent and control termites. Due to the threat of severe structural damage posed by termites, most of the newer constructions usually undergo some sort of Pre-Construction Termite Control before or during the construction period. However, you may sometimes need to treat an existing structure. Despite the many home remedies and DIY solutions you find online, termite extermination is a job best left to professionals. Pest Killer provides both Pre-Construction and Post-construction termite control treatments in the UAE.

Our preventive Pre-Construction Termite Control service involves digging a trench and treating the perimeter of the property with a chemical.  Our Post-construction Termite Control service for existing structures will involve drilling holes in designated spots on the exterior wall or surrounding areas and injecting a chemical into them.

The type of extermination identified will depend on the degree of the termite infestation and would typically either be Liquid termite insecticides (termiticides) or termite baits.

Both services include a free inspection of the property to identify threat factors, signs of infestation, and the extent of the infestation. On the basis of our findings, a customized treatment appropriate to your situation will be recommended and implemented. The final step would be to periodically monitor the effectiveness of the treatments.