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PK LANDSCAPING, Provide a variety of services to a wide ranging cross section of the market in our specialized field as following:
– Swimming Pools
– Water Features & Fountains
– Landscape Design
– Soft Landscape
– Hard Landscape
– Automatic Irrigation System
– Landscape Lightings
– Wooden Pergola and Gazebo
– Shade Structures & Shade nets

PK LANDSCAPING is established in Dubai-Al ain-Abu Dhabi
. We are quality astServe and provide our clients the be2
and highes .per the Dubai municipality standard and specification
Our company understands the business from every angle and
incorporates customer perspective to produce the best results in the
market and we are capable to undertake all works from Design, Planning
to Construction of Landscaping, Irrigation, water feature, Swimming
pools and all external works, we also provide a comprehensive and
professional maintenance service once construction is completed,
regardless of project size or value.

PK CONTRACTING is a niche market Interior & Exterior Company.
Organization is reputed player in UAE Market with its name attached to highend luxury fit-out and landscaping projects recommended by Global Designers
.and luxury homeowners and developers
.PK Fitout was formed in 2016. Later developed to PK Contracting
The idea was to create a specialized team of skilled tradesman and target high-end niche projects in Residential, Commercial & Hospitality sectors of UAE In 2019. PK was re organized in order to be more effective in execution and deliveries based on higher work volume, license was upgraded to contracting and at the same time we acquired a 100% ownership of an exterior company PK Landscaping & Pools In the beginning we started as a small team executing exclusive projects one at the time, this is how the name of the company came up “Specialized Projects Division” (PK) and later after number of successful deliveries we have developed to a boutique organization with long list of satisfied clients.
The PK CONTRACTING is driven by a very strong and adequate team of specialists adhering to specific deadlines which are openly discussed with our clientele at the onset of the project. We take the time to understand our client’s needs.
From the initial design process through to the handing back of the front door key we ensure that what has been conceptualized is delivered, and our team have exceeded expectation.
PK management document all conversations and check with our clients at key milestones in the project

A detailed program of works will be shared with you at the onset of your project.
Our works division believes in absolute transparency exposing all timelines, major milestones, and anticipated hand over date/s. We also closely involve our client, raising and working through any hurdles we may come across during the fit-out process.
We aren’t shy in saying, what you want may not work. Our experienced team will suggest Alternatives.
PK management will at all times answer your calls and correspondence in a timely fashion, communicating face to face wherever possible.
Our company promotes two way communication and transparency; without this our group would not be able to deliver in an adequate manner. We schedule periodic updates with our clientele on site so they Can review how the project is progressing. PK CONTRACTING ensures any delays or problems with procurement are openly discussed and subsequently addressed. Realistically these delays do occur, and all parties need to work in
unison to overcome such hurdles.
PK CONTRACTING management will do its best to limit them, however es itself ondwe will not jeopardize the result of a project by rushing. PK pri utilizing only qualified resources internally and externally who are specialists in their field.
Our sub-contractors undergo stringent reviews before we award works to their firms. Every sub-contractor must be a specialist in their chosen industry. We employ a third-party snag and inspect firm to provide us feedback on our works at critical stages of the fit-out process.

We understand this is your investment!

Health and Safety Policy

The management of PK Landscaping recognizes that it has a legal duty of care towards protecting the health and safety of its employees and others who may be affected by the company’s activities. It is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of its employees and others to prevent injury and ill health and recognizes that managing health and safety is a business critical function. In order to discharge its responsibilities the management will:
– Bring this Policy Statement along with the Environment and Quality policy statements to the attention of all employees.
– Carry out and regularly review risk assessments to identify proportionate and pragmatic solutions to reducing risk.
– Communicate and consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety.
– Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations at International, National and Local levels.
– Eliminate risks to health and safety, where possible, through selection and design of materials, buildings, facilities, equipment and processes.
– Encourage staff to identify and report hazards so that we can all contribute towards improving safety.
– Ensure that emergency procedures are in place at all locations for dealing with health and safety issues.
– Maintain our premises, provide and maintain safe plant and equipment.
– Only engage contractors who are able to demonstrate due regard to health & safety matters.
– Provide adequate resources to control the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.
– Provide adequate training and ensure that all employees are competent to do their tasks.
– Provide an organizational structure that defines the responsibilities for health and safety
– Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees.
– Regularly monitor performance using accident, near miss and other incidents data and revise policies and procedures to pursue a programme of continuous improvement through an objectives programme which will be reviewed on an annual basis
– Where risks cannot be eliminated they will be minimized by substitution, the use of physical controls or, use of personal protective equipment or, as a last resort, through safe systems of work.

This Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed at least annually and revised as necessary to reflect changes to the business activities and any changes to legislation. Any changes to the Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.