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Fight against all types of insects and pests!

Termites * crickets * fleas * ants * bees * wasps * mice / rats * pigeons * mosquitoes * and other pests
We will give you integrated protection program from pests, starting from in-place rigorous inspection and evaluation of internal and external in your own facilities, even in unique cases, we will analyze all the facts and then consult with you to create a control program fits your needs.

The service is guaranteed.

Pest Keller guarantee you all the services we provide to ensure full satisfaction. If there is no development or the emergence of a new insecticide that has been controlled in your office or home, it’s our responsibility to take other appropriate solutions for you to make sure that the treatment will be succeed, and surely, free of charge. If we fail to solve the problem, or you were not satisfied with the service, PestKeller provides a guarantee for 6 Months, you can simply request a full-refund, or agreed to extend the free service for you, according to the type of contract. Please note that this warranty does not apply to the problems that may be caused uncontrolled conditions, including but not limited to, problems in the sewer, infected incoming shipment and so on.

Why us?

  • Coordination: One of the main elements of the pest control program,  is vital to success
  • Customer Service: our priority to serve our clients, and for this, we are concerned with the training of our staff in order to provide Customer Care worthy of you
  • Quality Control: Due to the importance of quality control in our business, we guarantee you that we offer you high quality services, inevitably!
  • Schedules: We offer a wide range of appropriate schedules, either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and semi-annual and seasonal aimed to suit your requirements for pests control

Homes Services

PestKiller provides pest control services for homeowners and renters across the United Arab Emirates
From the smallest home and even palaces and large residences. We use the appropriate practices in pest control, and choose the right tools to deal with, which fits with the residences and do not disturb the inhabitants. All of our staff qualified and trained in dealing with families for your convenience.

Business Services

We offer the best services for a short and long-term periods, and we can commit to provide an unlimited number of services in one time.
When it comes to choosing pest control company that provide services to your property or business office, Pest Killer will put your interests as first priority, is aware of your budget, goals and understand how to communicate with you to achieve your them, in order to make your company a pest-free at a reasonable price.

Industrial Services

The most difficult programs offered by pest control companies, available to us with guarantees, that meets your needs
Industrial Pest Management is the most complex lesions management program ever . PestKeller is one of the very few pest management companies with experience and knowledge of how to develop the full pest management programs from scratch, putting the company in an excellent position to earn a higher degree of scrutiny.

Special Services

Institutions Pest management requires a special understanding to many sensitive issues. We have staff and suffecient resources to service you.
The dealing with facilities and special institutions and establishments such as hospitals and schools.For example, kindergartens, schools are treated differently from colleges and universities. The understanding of the complex rules and regulations commissioned by the municipality may require the knowledge and know-how and experience of the management team in charge.

Why Pest Control Is Mandatory?

Pest control invasions are more likely to damage your health and property. Weevils and moths who are not commonly found can still nib at your food items when encountered. They can ruin your outdoors experience too. Termites and Carpenter Ants are lethal for wooden furniture. These bugs can cause diseases or produce respiratory issues in humans. You may not have good sleep because of the uninvited guests which is a natural phenomenon.

Our clients have the freedom to choose from flexible plans that include –

One time/ on-demand session


Monthly Sessions


Bi-monthly sessions


Quarterly Sessions


Bi-annual sessions

Pests are invasive species of insects and animals that encroach and attack human property such as crops, livestock, natural and man-made structures. Here are some of the ways in which they adversely impact our lives –

Diseases, Allergies and damage to property – While vermin are largely non-fatal to humans, they can cause significant damage to human life by spreading diseases, causing allergies and worsening asthma symptoms. Some pests specifically attack your home and possessions.  Weevils and Moths destroy grain, fabrics and stored wares. Termites and Carpenter Ants have ruined robustly built wooden structures and furniture.

Loss of business, municipal penalties – Business Establishments can face additional losses that include but are not limited to loss of customers, reputation and possible penalties and fines from municipalities for not maintaining the required standards of hygiene.

Anxiety – Pests also give you sleepless nights and destroy your mental well-being. The mental anxiety that comes from living with these unwanted guests while difficult to quantify, is a well-documented side-effect of living with bugs and insects.

You may be tempted to take things in your own hands and attempt to exterminate or pest-proof your property on your own. But in the absence of professional knowledge and training, there are some reasons why this may be unwise –

  1. There is a possibility of missing hidden breeding sites as you focus on killing pests infesting visible areas.
  2. Due to their ability to multiply in no time, a lot of pests require a series of intensive sessions or regular monitoring that may interfere with your regular schedule.
  3. It could take you a few attempts to figure out the most effective product and technique for the infestation you are dealing with. These experiments are going to waste your most precious resources – health, time, money and energy.
  4. Improper usage of any harmful chemicals could leak into your water supplies or contaminate the air you and your family breathe. There is also the chance of being exposed to some seriously toxic chemicals in the process.
  5. An improper technique could even lead to the spread of pests into other areas of your premises.
  6. Many of these hardy pests have started to display resistance to traditional pesticides and extermination techniques. Professional pest-control services constantly update their technical knowledge helping them to adopt the latest treatment techniques to deliver effective results.

This is why hiring a professionally certified team to treat your premises ends up being more cost-effective, sustainable and long-lasting than a DIY project.

Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM) vs Ordinary Pest Control Services

IPM is a proactive approach to Pest Management (eliminating and preventing a future pest infestation) while Pest Control is a mostly reactive approach (eliminating an existing pest infestation)

 Scope of WorkIntegrated Pest Management Services offered by Al Waha HygieneOrdinary Pest Control Services
Determining the source and severity of the infestation
Recommending treatments for the specific pest problem
Treating the affected areas
Strategic plan to prevent further infestations
Routine inspection of the area for possible pest infestations (with the findings being documented)
On-going monitoring 
Long-term results