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Scientific Name: Diptera

Other than having one of the most fascinating optical systems in the world (thousands of eyes being capable of picking up movements 6 times faster than humans), the presence of flies in your environment is a health hazard because they carry over 200 different microbes and spread over 65 known illnesses.


Scientific Name: Lepidoptera

Moths are flying Insects that are not butterflies. Most species of moths are active during the night. Some moths, particularly their caterpillars, can be major agricultural pests in many parts of the world.


Scientific Name: Culicidae

Despite being in existence over 30 million years, mosquitoes which are a commonly found, natural pest to the tropics, are a recent nuisance for the citizens and residents of UAE. An increase in their numbers has been credited to all the beautiful greening initiatives undertaken in the country and standing water near human dwellings.


Scientific Name: Curculionoidea

Weevils are a type of flying insects they can infest pantries and make their way into dry food products. They are small and less than 6 mm in size.