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We offer cleaning plans to suit both Commercial & Residential demands. For weekly or monthly cleaning service intervals with long-term contracts; you can always call, e-mail or send whatsapp messages to us. Our Cleaning Services was founded on the principle of warm, friendly, and efficient service. Our staff knows how to get the job done, and we often exceed the expectations of our clients with our amazing services. We offer a range of services that we believe will fully meet your needs, and no office is too big or small for our skilled and experienced staff. A full description of our services is as below:

House cleaning 

Our house cleaning is on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis. We can clean your home both one-off and on a regular basis.  The home cleaning will ensure every part of your home is clean and hygiene. Also, you needdeep cleaning couple of times a year for more detailed cleaning than normally performed. We will bring our professional cleaning equipment leaving your house sparkling clean. Our home cleaning include: Kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bedroom and living area.

Deep cleaning 

Every house or office has those hard-to-reach areas and tough-to-remove dust and dirt which are not removed by normal cleaning. Our deep cleaning professionals are equipped with special machinesfor floor scrubbing and steaming. The expert cleaners will provide top-to-bottom complete cleaning of your home or office with more attention to hard-to-reach and even harder-to-clean areas. In this type of cleaning, furnitures are removed and floors are deep cleaned. Also, inside out of cabinets in kitchen are thoroughly clean, floors and features in bathroom are cleaned and disinfected. Picture frames, mattresses, floor, tiles are vacuumed and ensured free from dust.

Sofa cleaning 

Sofa is the most important thing in your house due to the comfort and visual appeal it provides for the interior of the house. In UAE sofas easily get dirty due to the dusty atmosphere around, causing allergy and other related health issues quickly so cleaning it becomes a necessity. The right chemicals, the right equipment, and a trained cleaner are the strict requirements for an efficient sofa cleaning process. Hence, we provide efficient and affordable sofa cleaning services in UAEwith fully dedicated team of trained and professional cleaners. We are experts in cleaning shampooing, sanitizing and removing the stains from your sofa to make it look brighter and fresh as new by retaining the original color, appearance or texture.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets and rugs collect all the dirt and germs brought into your homes, through shoes, and from pets. Thus causing indoor air pollution and breathing problems. Normal vacuuming is not enough to remove the dirt and germs hidden inside your carpet. This requires a professional company like us to maintain good air quality inside your home. It’s vital to clean your rugs to improve your home or office hygiene and your health. Your carpet will look better and feel softer. Also, our rug shampooing and sanitizing service will improve the indoor airflow and air quality of your home. We will remove the carpet smellsby neutralizing carpet odors at their source, rather than simply covering up the smell. It leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean. Our carpet cleaners will remove all the mites, and germs from the carpet. Removing the stains and dirt will promptly protect your carpet from damage which would make it last longer.

Mattress cleaning

We spend almost one-third of our life on mattresses. Clean sheets is not enough to make the bed clean. People hardly think of cleaning their mattresses. The hidden dirt absorbed by the mattress causes a foul smell and itchiness when you lie down. Your mattress is exposed to things such as sweat, dust, skin flakes, drool, and even a kid’s urine. Even with normal vacuuming of the mattress or changing the sheets, you cannot get rid of the debris gathered on your mattress. We provide professional mattress cleaning services in UAE. Our expert team of cleaners removes every stain or spot on your mattress and ensures it’s free of dust mites and allergens.

Curtain cleaning

Curtains improve the overall aesthetics of a given room and the composition of your home. Unfortunately, the curtains attract so much dust and absorb odor. Dirty curtains can cause health issues like running nose, itchiness, red eyes, sneezing, and coughing. Getting your curtain professionally cleaned is important to keep your living rooms bright and determine your mood. So, it is essential to hire professional curtain cleaning services for improved health and better look for your place. We do steaming for the curtains using advanced technology and trained cleaner. Home or office curtain should be cleaned at most every 4 months.