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Founded almost a decade ago; Pestkiller® Public Health has continuously been at the forefront of environmental health services including Pest Management and Germ Control services as well as pest control products. Pestkiller® focuses on leveraging the synergy between extensive knowledge of our highly qualified personnel and the latest technologies as well as scientific programs to deliver an amazing customer experience.

   Pestkiller® services are acclaimed for their highest quality and distinguished client services that remain at the core of the Pestkiller® promise to retain “amazingly satisfied customers”. All our services and products are assured with warranty. We are one of the leading company approved & Licensed by the Dubai and Abu dhabi Municipalities to provide professional pest control, sanitization and cleaning services for domestic, commercial, and industrial establishments all over the U.A.E.


  •  Commercial Pest control Services
  •  Residential Pest Control Services
  •  Industrial Pest Control Service
  •  Cleaning services
  •  Landscaping services
  •  Bird control services
  •  Disinfection and sanitization services

Our team of experts inspect, exterminate and eradicate all pests like – birds, Termites, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, bees, hornets, snakes, flies, crawling insects e.t.c with scientifically proven and safe methods. We also provide yearly pest control services for commercial customers like hotels, restaurants, office, supermarkets, mall, hospital, university, factory, warehouse, ships, building and villas, shops, accommodations.

  Pests are a serious and continuous threat to the environment. Whether it’s home where you assume your family is safe, or an office where you spend almost half of your day; pests exist everywhere and cause diseases and infestations. At Pest killer, we ensure all pests issues are solved once and for all. Contact us now!

Our Services

Although we serve all kind of pest control services here below we have mentioned some of our featured services

We Cover all Over the UAE Locations

Though we are based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We provide pest control service to other emirates as well.


We are Approved and Certified Pest Control Service Provider

We are Certified and Govt. Apporoved company with an expert  team of workers.


We are proud of all the brands we work with, but here are some of the more famous ones you will probably recognize.

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Pest Control Done In Private Villas
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Meters Spike Done At All UAE
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Square Meters Neting Done At All UAE
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Projects Bird Control Done At All UAE